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Shaker Spine & Sport Institute

Dr. Shaker is a chiropractor in Tampa, FL who has always had a penchant for questioning the process within the system, trying to understand “why” something presents as it does. This natural curiosity is...

Chiropractor Rockford

If you are in pain and attempting to find a chiropractor in the Rockford, IL area, this is a listing of such a chiropractic clinic. Med Plus Neck & Back Pain Center Office of...

Chiropractor in Franklin, Tennessee

As a child, Dr. Chris of Exodus Chiropractic of Franklin had the goal of helping people through the medical field. However, grades and school performance were difficult and doctors diagnosed Chris with Attention Deficit...

Kennedy Chiropractic of Waldorf, MD

Dr. Neville practices at Kennedy Chiropractic in Waldorf, Maryland. Dr. Neville is a chiropractor whose approach is to specifically focus on the cause of your immobility, pain, or discomfort. Instead of using painkillers to merely cover your...

Wilbeck Wellness & Chiropractic of Wichita, KS

Wilbeck Wellness & Chiropractic is home to Wichita, KS chiropractor Dr. Taylor Wilbeck. He practices to serve those in the Wichita area.

Chiropractors in Spring Hill, TN

Spring Hill, TN is a fast growing city in Tennessee with a youthful population and above average income level. As the community has grown, rather than driving to other cities, businesses and services have sprung up in the city including chiropractic clinics.

Does Acetaminophen Shorten Lifespan?

Got a headache? Take two Tylenol. Sore muscles? Take Tylenol. Every day, millions of Americans reach for a bottle of Tylenol to control everyday aches and pains. But a recent British review of 1,800 studies involving the use of acetaminophen, the generic name for the active ingredient in Tylenol, found that regular use increases the risk of premature death by a frightening 60 percent. Read More.