Superior Healthcare LLC is a Chiropractic Clinic in Metairie, Louisiana…But More

Benjamin-Mcneil-Metairie-LouisianaDr. Benjamin Mcneil is a chiropractor in Metairie, Louisiana who practices at Superior Healthcare LLC. Chiropractic is certainly a large part of the equation, but what makes the practice unique is that they also have a medical doctor on staff.

At Superior Healthcare LLC, you’ll find a team of healthcare providers to provide the best in physical medicine and chiropractic services—all in one Certified DME center. This is a very powerful strategy for getting to the root cause of your pain.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Mcneil can help you with your head, back, neck, and other joint pain. If you are dealing with something that might need a different strategy or might need a team effort, Superior Healthcare has a medical doctor on staff. It does more than just save you time, it helps you get the attention you need to overcome your health challenges.

Superior Healthcare LLC‘s patients trust them to provide relief for pain, assist with weight loss and to get to the source of whatever condition is preventing them from living life to the fullest. They are located at:

3501 Severn Ave, #8,
Metairie, LA 70002-3456
Phone: 504-835-0565

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