New Film ‘Doctored’ Chronicles Medical Industry’s Failure and Attempts To Eliminate Competition

A new documentary film under the “Medical, Inc.” series is called, “Doctored” and is produced by Bobby Sheehan. “Doctored” looks at the historical battle between medical doctors and treatments that are alternative to their own.

The film looks at the longstanding campaign of the American Medical Association to end the chiropractic profession. Their illegal efforts only ended when the A.M.A lost an antitrust lawsuit and was found to have engaged in a conspiracy to “contain and eliminate” the chiropractic profession. It turns out it wasn’t over lack of effectiveness of the chiropractic profession since many studies, even medical studies, confirmed the effectiveness of chiropractic. The reason for the attack and the organized effort by the medical profession to “contain and eliminate” chiropractors was because chiropractors were doing a clinically-proven better job of helping people with back and neck pain and that cut into the profits of pharmaceutical drug companies and medical clinics.

Another case presented by the film is that of the Jensen family of Sandy, Utah. Their medical doctor told them that their son, Parker, had cancer and set up a schedule of chemotherapy appointments. But then tests returned saying that Parker did not have cancer. The doctor, however, told the parents that he still expected them to bring their son to chemotherapy sessions beginning soon. When the parents refused to bring Parker for chemotherapy the doctor attempted to use the court system to force them to bring Parker to him for chemotherapy or else have him taken away from them by the state.

After losing the initial court battle and fleeing the state with their son, the Utah court system backed off “forced Chemo” and the Jensens have returned to their home.

According to Mr. Jensen, “We didn’t know that when we took our child to the hospital that we would lose our right to decide what is best for our child.”

According to the Associated Press, “A Utah father charged with kidnapping his own son said Sunday that authorities were trying to force chemotherapy on the boy for a cancer that was unconfirmed.” (AP Aug. 31, 2003.)

The trailer for the film includes an interesting statement from a chiropractor named Dr. Patrick Gentempo. He said, “The biggest contradiction in our culture today is calling medicine ‘healthcare.’ We spend $2.7 Trillion dollars per year and yet we’re incredibly sick as a culture.” This is said in light of the current state of the medical industry’s insistence on exclusively using drugs, often dangerous and ineffective, to treat sick patients even when a vitamin or mineral deficiency has already been proven by medical science to be the actual cause of the sickness or disease.

The film premiered in New York September 21st and is expected to show in more cities as demand builds. The film, based on reviews, delves into several issues related to the suppression by the medical industry of successful alternative treatments that often work faster and better without the dangerous side effects of drugs. If you’ve ever watched a drug commercial and chuckled to yourself at the towering list of side effects of the drug being promoted, you likely share the question the film attempts to answer. That is, “Has the medical profession violated it’s own oath that states, ‘First, do no harm’?”

“Doctored” investigates the medical monopoly that exists today and interviews several medical doctors who confess to how “doctored” the so-called healthcare system is of today.



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