EPA Reverses Itself On Fluoride

In an amazing announcement that has received little media coverage, the EPA has reversed itself on the claimed health benefits of the industrial chemical fluoride.

Citing research suggesting fluoride ingestion can cause cancer, hormone disruption and brittle bones, the EPA is now suggesting that cities lower the amount of fluoride in public drinking water.

The report suggested that fluoride was especially bad for developing children and actually caused many dental issues (darkening of teeth, making teeth brittle) rather than being a promoter of dental health as propaganda has claimed for the past 60 years and brought about the addition of fluoride in public water supplies.

Many parents have trusted the government concerning use of fluoride. This underscores the point that parents and individuals should do their own research and seek a natural route when it comes to their health instead of trusting additives that are not found in nature.

A warning label has accompanied fluoride-containing toothpaste for many years but the commentary has been that it takes a lot of fluoride ingestion to do harm. Now the government (EPA) is admitting that it doesn’t take as much as thought to do harm.

One should also note that exposure over years to most chemicals is cumulative, meaning that consumers end up receiving the “dangerous level” at some point due to the chemical collecting after years of use.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/02/22/epa-reverses-fluoride/?intcmp=trending#ixzz22nCBN8Hd. Also see: The Fluoride Deception



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