Obama’s Federal Hand In Your Doctor’s Pocket

The standard privacy agreement you sign at every doctor’s office contains a little known clause. The clause allows doctors to release your records to government officials when requested. And they don’t even have to notify you when they do.

Your electronically stored medical files can easily be hacked. Usually by freeloaders looking to get something for nothing. They let you and your insurance company foot the bill.

And hospitals are starting to pay for records of your credit card purchases. They want to better “understand” your lifestyle choices.

There’s plenty to be worried about. So much in fact, that these privacy concerns are starting to impact the care that some people receive.

Consumers are aware of the problem. In a survey, three out of every four people described themselves as “concerned” about the security of their medical data.

A full ten percent of respondents reported withholding information from healthcare providers. The information was sensitive. They didn’t want it entered into records that might be shared or stolen. Full Story.



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