How Antibiotics Destroy Your Immune System has a great article on how antibiotics destroy your immune system and how bad it is to put them into newborns and infants.

What we must remember about antibiotics is that they destroy every kind of bacteria that they contact, not just the bad. So even if someone takes an antibiotic for a sinus infection, they are destroying friendly bacteria cells that are extremely important for other things like digestive health, defense against invading bacteria, protecting your stomach, colon, and so on. They are even destroying the bacteria fighting against the very infection for which the antibiotics are intended to “treat” and their use makes that person more vulnerable to additional infections in the future.

Unlike bad bacteria, the friendly bacteria we vitally need for good health aren’t aggressive at penetrating our systems. They usually have to be intentionally put back by probiotic supplements or else we suffer without them (stomach problems, constantly “getting sick”, weight gain, low energy, even cancer).

What makes matters worse is that after we stop taking antibiotics, the bad bacteria replace themselves very quickly and in doing so can often make us crave sugar which is their main source of food. The bad bacteria uses the sugar to grow and multiply and the cycle compounds on itself. This overwhelms whatever small number is left of the good bacteria that we need as part of our immune system.

Without enough good bacteria our immune system becomes unable to fight off infectious bacteria on its own and we become dependent on antibiotics. People in this situation usually find themselves constantly developing stomach infections (a.k.a. stomach flu/bug/etc.) and have difficulty with digestion (heart burn, irritable bowel, food “doesn’t agree with them,” etc.). And because they are without the friendly bacteria to help absorb nutrients, people who overuse antibiotics find their skin and joints aging rapidly, further pulling them into the world of permanent prescriptions for pain and even more antibiotics.

So know the risks and avoid antibiotics when possible. Seek an alternate route (vitamin C & D3, garlic, olive leaf extract, kelp, etc. to treat infections). Also, work on keeping yourself healthy with vegetables, herbs and fruits so that you won’t be faced with the decision to take antibiotics or at least not often.

Sources: Natural News, New York Times, First Vitality.



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