Kennedy Chiropractic of Waldorf, MD

dr-shawn-neville-chiropractorDr. Neville practices at Kennedy Chiropractic in Waldorf, Maryland. Dr. Neville is a chiropractor whose approach is to specifically focus on the cause of your immobility, pain, or discomfort. Instead of using painkillers to merely cover your pain, discomfort, or immobility temporarily, Dr. Neville’s conviction is to find and correct what’s making the negative things happen. To relieve pain and immobility in your neck or back, for example, a so-called “pain pill” would merely numb your discomfort but the actual cause would continue. After the pill wears off from your body eliminating it, it’s just a matter of time before the pain returns and you have to take another pill to again cover the pain. That’s more of a way of hiding your pain temporarily and it’s not good for your kidney, liver, and other parts of your body. As a chiropractor, Dr. Neville will gently adjust your spine, if that is the cause of your pain, so that your vertebrae correctly align. When your vertebrae are out of alignment, they put pressure on a nerve or pull your muscles. This causes pain, immobility, and even problems with the organs of your body in some situations.

Dr. Neville is also careful to make sure you understand and are comfortable with what he recommends to help. He will wait until you are ready and confident before he does anything. Once he adjusts you, you benefit from Dr. Neville’s record of helping people get out of pain and on with the kind of life they desire to live – one with far less pain and much more mobility. If you are in or near Waldorf or a surrounding area, Dr. Neville would be honored for you to allow him the opportunity to end your dependence on temporary fixes that only mask your pain instead of doing away with it. You owe it to yourself to give him a try and see just how good you can feel. The contact information for his clinic is below:

Kennedy Chiropractic
4140 Crain Highway
Waldorf, MD 20603
(301) 645-7770



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