A Letter To Pro-Vaccination Parents

This mother has some suggestions for the parents out there who think it’s their business whether or not her kids receive vaccine shots. Her observations on the hypocrisy of many pro-vaccination parents are spot on.

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Dear Pro-Vaxxers Who Torment Me and My Family,

I’ve never been one to really assert myself into the middle of other people’s business. I believe we should all have the right to choose what we do with our own bodies and how we bring up our kids (within reason, of course). I love my kids and at the core of every issue, that love is the driving factor for most every decision I make. When you boldly and critically assert that I don’t responsibly love my kids and you further your baseless conjecture by saying my anti-vaccination stance poses a threat to your kids and our society at large, you engage my inner, protective mother demon (yes, it is there, but only when it has to be).

I’m a mother of 3 amazing children. Like many mothers out there, I sacrifice to the bones of my fingers to care for and nurture them. My children are not in any way a pawn in a war that’s supposed to end with your kid getting measles or polio. My children are my flesh and blood, I love them with every ounce of my soul. My husband works almost every day to provide for us. We live within our means and mostly below our means so that our children can have the best possible lives. When you invade my soul, which is the very essence of what you are doing when you tell me I’m waging some war against your kids, it makes me think of the many times I wanted to invade your soul (but chose not to because of my aforementioned belief, listed above, that says I should mind my own business).

But now that we are here due to your apathy towards the same class and sophistication.

I’ve stood by for years watching the greater majority of you line up like sheep and do whatever you were asked to by our leaders at large. You’ve given your kids sugary cereals for breakfast because the food pyramid told you to. You’ve given them Gatorade because it has “electrolytes” for years because apparently salt never had any. You’ve given them so many antibiotics that now, in the most creative of ways, we’ve found a way to make people even MORE obese and now when I get the flu, it’s chaos (yeah, irony huh? You’ve dished out so many Dr approved antibiotics that you’ve made what is now called a Superflu).


But I never said anything. I minded my own business.

When your kids watched violent films with you because you were of course, “the cool mom,” then went to school and acted bullyish and sadistically towards my child, I let it go. I told my child to “take the higher road.” When you stood in the parking lot smoking your cigs while our kids played t-ball, I never said anything.

I minded my own business.

When you put your kids on Ritalin to sedate them, rather than stopping serving them Frosted Flakes for breakfast (do your reading, mother expert), I didn’t call the school to complain that poor innocent kids were being drugged up so they’d unnaturally sit with sedation in chairs like mushed brains. I left you alone. I didn’t say a thing.

But hey, now that we are saying things….

Take everything above and know that I am now judging you. I’m watching you. And I also want change. I want the kind of change that demands we ALL question everything (that includes you). Forgive me for not buying into Big-Pharma’s song and dance for profit and just disseminating shots at will to the children I love, but judging from the aforementioned things I’ve never said a word about, I can’t blame me. I mean given their record, I’d say it was a rather sane, protective decision. Which is now what I want from you. I want you, as parents, to get your heads out of the marketing cave which has darkened your any sense of ability to think as a human being that has a complex mind. I want you to parent. I want you to investigate, for hours, what is in every single thing you give your children, right down to the electrolytes and frosted anythings.

I want you to be a parent.

Guess what you are going to find? Being a parent is really hard. Finding a way to deal with your child’s cold without mindlessly shoving antibiotics down them isn’t easy. And, well, it puts my kids at risk for super flus and it makes people overweight. I want you to call the grocery store you shop at and ask specifically, “hey, when your meat says “no hormones ADDED, does that really mean there are still hormones when they are a calf?”

I want you to be a parent.

I know this is sounding difficult and trying, I mean when you can’t just run to the Doctor for a shot and you are stuck looking for natural remedies, which takes time away from your usual “mommy sofa time while Bobby plays an XBOX,” so might I suggest a method to help you deal with it? If you were to say, reschedule your time to exclude expressing ill-will towards me and my parenting, you might be able to find this time.

You know what? It works. Because that’s what I’ve done for years.

-Annonymous Mother



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