Obama Admin Won’t Release Final ObamaCare Premiums Until AFTER Elections

The Obama administration has already debuted its new, improved version of HealthCare.gov, but still won’t release premium rates on the website until after the Nov. 4 elections.

The Department of Health and Human Services unveiled the updated federal Obamacare exchange on Wednesday. The website is, by all accounts, in much better condition than last year.

HHS secretary Sylvia Burwell has said that the administration has put the new version of HealthCare.gov through its paces. And the administration has allowed insurers to test the site out themselves — although they made clear that insurance companies are not allowed to share their results with the media.

And yet, although the website appears to be, finally, ready for primetime, the administration has still decided not to release premium rates on the website for another month, according to The Associated Press.

And this administration campaigned on being open and honest. Obviously the increases in prices are bad enough that the Obama administration believes people will revolt against Democrats with their votes. I think that the revolt should be even greater because of the deceitfulness!



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