Planning Ahead for Good Health

One of the best ways to eat healthy is to plan ahead. We can do that by stocking our pantries, cabinets and cupboards with healthy foods and options so that when we’re having a moment of weakness we don’t have the option to eat something bad for us. But there’s more we can do to give us that dietary edge.

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t go to the grocery store (or commissary for those in the military) when you’re hungry because you’ll buy more than you intended and you’ll likely buy things that aren’t good for you. The same is true with meals. If you plan your meals at the last minute, you’ll be more likely to make poor decisions based on the ingredients you have that can make a quick meal rather than a healthy one. But if you plan ahead by making a strategic meal plan, you’ll choose from the health options you picked when you weren’t thinking only with your hungry stomach. A meal plan also helps when you need to make a specific list for grocery shopping.

You would also benefit yourself by getting a cookbook like “The Blank Cookbook” by James Laymond Publishing. It allows you to put your own recipes in an actual book so that you don’t have to dig through cards or have to go through cookbooks written by other people. You can use it to collect only recipes that:

1. You like and enjoy eating.
2. Are healthy for you (this includes avoiding allergies, sensitivities and what might cause you heartburn)
3. Are comprised of ingredients you regularly have available to you due to the cost of the ingredient, availability in your area and ease of storage.

The combination of having a detailed meal plan or calendar and “The Blank Cookbook” will make a potent combination in helping you to eat healthy, lose weight, avoid foods that make you feel bad, and to save money.



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