Side Effects of Soda and Soft Drinks

Drinking sodas or soft drinks has become the norm in today’s fast-food, sugar-addicted, artificial-flavored world. We often assume that because a liquid is on the shelf, in a bottle or brought to our table by a server that it’s perfectly healthy. But we should have learned from recent stories like the EPA reversing itself on fluoride and the constant revolving door of drugs being approved by the FDA only to be taken off the market months (or years) later because of its risks and record. We are responsible for our own health and need to think for ourselves.

Consider this chart on what drinking a soft drink or soda actually does to your body.

We need to think for ourselves and do research independent of major media, doctors and government agencies. Hi-sugar, carbonated, drinks hurt us and are especially bad for developing children. If you’ve ever seen a child who seemed to be out of control, hyper or having a deficit of attention, sugar is often a contributor and sometimes even the culprit.

If you’re figuring you’ll just drink water, be careful. Water coming from the tap that’s brought out to you in restaurants is nearly as bad. Portable water purifiers are one of the most underrated products out there in my opinion and I think that in the near future it will be a fairly common thing to see concerned parents filtering the water brought to them and their children at restaurants.

Tap water, however, can be a good thing if used intelligently. For example, chlorine does kill things (which is why you shouldn’t drink it) which means that the chlorinated water from your tap or a restaurant’s tap is ready to be purified of the chlorine and once that happens you know that your water is mostly free of bacteria, parasites, etc. because of the chlorine.

You owe it to yourself to be educated and prepared. You are likely better off to drink nothing than to drink soda. And that includes the so-called “sugar free” sodas that contain aspartame, Splenda and other artificial sweeteners. There is research to suggest that they might even be worse for you than the drinks with sugar!

So here’s a healthy idea – think before you drink! It’s your health, your belly, your heart, your liver and your life (or your children’s).



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