Wilbeck Wellness & Chiropractic of Wichita, KS

taylor-wilbeck-chiropractor-wichita-ksWilbeck Wellness & Chiropractic is home to Wichita, KS chiropractor Dr. Taylor Wilbeck.

He graduated with honors from Cleveland Chiropractic College where he gained extensive training in how the human body heals and functions. Dr. Wilbeck, does not only treat your spine. He uses a “holistic” approach to help treat his patients. This means that in addition to assessing your structural system as the cause of your problems, he also utilizes nutritional strategies and herbal remedies as well as exercise programs to help bring overall “wellness” to his patients. He believes that the overall true wellness of the patient, which goes beyond a lack of symptoms, is the cornerstone for life without pain (or as little as possible). By using this multifaceted approach, Dr. Wilbeck of Wilbeck Wellness & Chiropractic can help you get out of pain as quickly as possible in addition to helping people end their reliance on pain medications (and their side effects).

When you visit Dr. Wilbeck for the first time, he will review your medical and health history, and discuss with you your individual needs and wellness goals (complaints, concerns, and conditions). He will take the time to address any underlying problems that may present itself as pain or discomfort in your body, and work with you to determine the best mode of treatment. Technologies including X-rays and other diagnostic imaging tools may be utilized to find misaligned bone/vertebrae structures. He will then, with your consent, perform a chiropractic adjustment to realign and correct. An “adjustment” is a specific hands-on force applied to the subluxated vertebra for the restoration of spinal joint mobility and realignment of the bones/vertebrae. Realigning the misaligned vertebra restores the proper flow of electrical impulses from the brain, relieving pain and releasing the power of your body’s healing processes. The body is then capable to function the way it is meant to.

Pediatric Chiropractic is another way that Dr. Wilbeck cares for his patients. Here are some signs or indicators that parents should look for in their children that may indicate a spinal problem:

  • Child’s head is consistently tilted or turned to one side
  • Restricted head or neck motion to one side
  • Disturbed and inconsistent sleeping patterns
  • Feeding difficulties for infants
  • Breastfeeding difficulty with child to a particular side or position
  • Sore throat
  • Bed-wetting (nocturnal enuresis)
  • “Growing” pains
  • Headaches
  • Aches and Pains throughout the child’s body

Why can’t my child’s pediatrician find and help these problems?

Chiropractors are spinal and neuromusculoskeletal specialists. Your child’s pediatrician is a different kind of specialist that does not possess the professional training to treat, reduce, and/or correct these subtle, yet detrimental spinal problems. Other medical professionals that specialize in spinal problems, such as orthopedic specialists, focus more on the surgical aspect of degenerative, traumatic, or emergency types of situations.

How are children’s spinal and joint problems corrected?

Dr. Wilbeck will conduct a careful and thorough evaluation of your child’s spine. Chiropractors are trained to evaluate pediatric spinal problems and will use gentle, specific techniques to identify, evaluate, and treat any problem areas.

Will it hurt?
Chiropractic adjustments usually do not hurt, although, the internal movement may momentarily startle some younger children. Once they become accustomed to the feeling of being adjusted; they usually have a positive reaction due to neurophysiological improvement, release of pressure, and relief of pain.



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