Young Blood Shown to Reverse Aging

If Mickey Mouse is feeling his age at 86, scientists may have found just the tonic: the blood of younger mice.

Older mice got stronger, exercised longer and performed better mentally after they were injected with blood from young mice, or even just with a substance that’s more abundant in younger blood.

Someday, if more research goes well, this may lead to a way to treat some infirmities of old age in people. In the meantime, scientists have a warning for do-it-yourselfers.

“Don’t try this at home,” said Saul Villeda of the University of California, San Francisco, an author of one of three papers published online Sunday by the journals Nature Medicine and Science. Full report.

This research is interesting but not surprising, since we’ve seen cancer patients benefit from this type of treatment. It wouldn’t surprise me, if in the near future, receiving large injections of healthy blood from, not just younger but even older, healthier people, becomes common in treating various diseases and conditions.

One of the reasons that this works well is that blood contains stem cells and they are what heal all sorts of injuries in the human body. Ways to boost the effectiveness of stem cells in your body is by taking an Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement regularly and drinking green tea in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise.



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